Conditionals and Reported Speech - Special Cases in Reported Speech


This video covers special cases in reported speech that do not follow the typical pattern. This video is specifically aimed at teaching reported speech in an ESL setting.

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This unit provides a very broad overview of what the other 5 units in the course will entail. It also gives a clear indication of what the goals of the course are as well as what the learner should expect to be able to do or be able to understand by the course's completion. Common acronyms are also explained so as to make the learner familiar with them for future reference.From this unit I have learned a variety of important lessons regarding the usages of tense forms in the English language. I now understand more of how tense forms work and how they play a big role in properly learning the English language. I feel confident moving forward that I can teach my students the correct sentence structures based off of the last units I have learned.