Conditionals and Reported Speech - Special Cases in Reported Speech


This video covers special cases in reported speech that do not follow the typical pattern. This video is specifically aimed at teaching reported speech in an ESL setting.

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I struggled with this unit as some of the Questions were quite confusing. Especially with 20 Questions instead of 15 makes it also a little more challenging. All 3 units of Tenses (present,past and future) have all been challenging for me out of all the other units. I am glad this is the last of the 'Tense' units and i am looking forward to the next coming units.Honestly speaking, I couldn't appreciate enough this program and your effort. I found this unit very profound and vital for English teachers which imparts the knowledge of lesson plan and how it's important. It enables English teachers to have lesson planning skill by using different formats with valuable examples and samples that includes the lesson plan format.