Conditionals and Reported Speech - The Second Conditional


The second conditional is used when speaking about dreams, fantasies and hypothetical situations. This video is specifically aimed at teaching the second conditional in an ESL setting.

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In this unit , I know more about how to manage the class, TTT and STT time . as a teacher we are helping our students to use the language so we need to give more chance to our students to speak. and also in this unit I've learned managing a class is not only focus on the number of students we have but also the different things . Like personality,nationality ect..In this unit,we've learned past tenses,very clear structure,many exanples which quite useful.also help me to reviewed this grammar.this is a very common ,useful and important grammar also very easy to get confused and make, as an English teacher,we should pay more attention to it.try to remember more irreaugar past simple form also necessary.