Conditionals and Reported Speech - Reported Speech Teaching Ideas


This video presents a teaching idea for reported speech. The activity includes having the students walk around the classroom asking other students for various bits of information. At the end of the activity, the students will report back the answers in reported speech.

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This unit teaches us the ways to be a good teacher. When does a teacher need to dominate and when to least dominate. How to involve student's in a group activity, pair work and when they need to work on their own. It also teaches how to build rapport with student's and what to do when it has not been established well so as to keep student's interested in a class.It is a great guideline on how I am going to start this course. Initially, I was not sure how or what I will be expecting from this course, if it will differ from the TESOL course. This unit gives a clear guideline on what I will be doing and how it should be done. It also gives me the information of how I could use this course to my development career advantage.