Modals and Passive Voice - Giving Advice


Another way to approach teaching modal auxiliary verbs is in context, for example, "How to give advice". This is especially useful for students of higher levels that have some knowledge of the various modal auxiliary verbs.

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I really liked this unit as well. I liked how the information was clearly and effectively provided on how we can incorporate speaking and writing. These skills are very important and I liked the tips and suggestions incorporated into this lesson. I liked the dos and don'ts that the unit incorporated. I felt like the information was presented in a very clear and concise way.In this unit i have learned that Some theorists suggest that lesson planning is not a Lessons rather rigid and stop the teacher being flexible Complete lesson plan forms, but will build in flexibility. The writing of lesson plans has a number of important Writing down what you expect the students to achieve by the end of the lesson, and how you intend to make that possible.