The Future Tenses - Review of the Future Tenses


This video provides a comprehensive overview of all the future tenses in the English language: future simple, future continuous, future perfect and the future perfect continuous. This is especially helpful for ESL teachers around the globe teaching speakers of other languages.

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In this unit, we covered the use of course books in the classroom. I learnt that although course books can be very useful for providing a set syllabus that helps the student to see their progression, if over used they can instead bore the student and reduce motivation. Thus overall course books should be used in conjunction with the teachers own material where they see fit.I was able to learn more about the dos and donts when applying for jobs abroad. It is very important to know the culture of the country and people you are intending to be a part of so as to not offend anyone, to get easily accustomed to the change. Culture shock and a new job are already challenging enough so it is important to get ready before embarking on a new adventure.