The Future Tenses - Review of the Future Tenses - Additional Tenses in the Future


Besides the four future tenses in English (future simple, future continuous, future perfect and the future perfect continuous) there are three additional tenses we can use when speaking about the future. These include the 'going to' future, the present continuous and the present simple. This video gives you an overview how to use them for future statements.

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The unit is helpful in giving details and examples for the different types of tests used specifically for evaluating English students. The section covering the external tests has reminded me that a lot of students of English (as a foreign/second language) will be engaged in the study to apply for an English post-secondary degree program, other education or even immigration.This unit is very helpful by giving resources and showing where they are useful and where they are a hindrance. Wonderful ideas on how to create one's own resources to adapt course books to address specific learning situations. The information on how to analyze a course book was good along with the ideas of working out what to omit and replace with our own created material.