Modals and Passive Voice - Difficulties for Students


This video looks at the difficulties students have when learning modal auxiliary verbs. The number of usages and the modal auxiliary verbs that can be used for various usages often bring about problems for the students. Also, the structure of sentences with modal auxiliary verbs can be confusing. Watch this video to understand all the difficulties students face with modal auxiliary verbs.

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This course really helped learning about modals and phrasal verbs. Grammar can be a little tricky to get right especially when learning a new language. It was great to touch on this topics in detail learning about different uses and what is appropriate to use when. Learning the difference between passive voice and active was also really interesting. Very helpful.This course helped expand upon the present tense section (unit 4). Now i have a firm grasp and understanding of both present and past tense explanations. This course was very good at reinforcing the base of knowledge i already had from unit 4. During this unit I realized that i willl need to be creative to help break down these lessons for non native speakers.