Modals and Passive Voice - Difficulties for Students


This video looks at the difficulties students have when learning modal auxiliary verbs. The number of usages and the modal auxiliary verbs that can be used for various usages often bring about problems for the students. Also, the structure of sentences with modal auxiliary verbs can be confusing. Watch this video to understand all the difficulties students face with modal auxiliary verbs.

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This was an extremely useful lesson on how to manage the classroom - from the body language of the instructor to seating arrangement ideas to how teachers should go about disciplining students or building rapport. This lesson is key for anyone who wants to pursue work teaching English, especially when it comes to working with different age groups and in a different culture.Unit 16 is about English grammar and take a close look at the different forms of conditional sentences and how to teach them effectively in the classroom. The unit also covers the differences between direct and reported speech. This is also an important part in English grammar and understand this part deeply would be useful for teachers to design an appropriate lesson plan.