Modals and Passive Voice - Active vs. Passive Voice Part 2


The difference between the active and passive voice is one of the more advanced topics of English grammar. Therefore, it is important for every English teacher to understand this concept.

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Grammar is one of most important issues for students and teachers. Teachers are not expected to know every aspect of grammar. However, they are expected to have a good knowledge about what they are teaching. Therefore, it is necessary for a teacher to be able to classify each word in a sentence according to its purpose and meaning. This is called parts of speech.This lesson is about conditionals and reported speech. Being that both of these topics, although similar, are quite long and full of difficult tense changes, I believe it might be a good idea to split them in two, so learners have a chance to stop and repeat what they learned before continuing. Beside this, I found the summaries in the video lesson very helpful.