Pronunciation and Phonology in the EFL Classroom - Traditional Spellings to Phonemic Spellings Pt. 2


This video is part of our series on pronunciation and phonology in the EFL classroom and focuses on phonemic spellings. We take a look at the examples bet, bit, but and bought and write them out using the phonemic alphabet to give you an idea of how the phonemic alphabet works.

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Getting the students excited and interacting with the lesson. Keeping the atmosphere light and encouraging with subtle constructive criticism should ensure a productive class lesson. Allow plenty of time for your students to attain the goal they were given. Speak slowly and clearly so they will understand you. No matter what always be encouraging to your students.I found the content of the Unit 17 extremely valuable .I really appreciate for the providing the useful online resources,such as dictionaries and onlined lessons.As a teacher for several years I show my students CNN students news,from 2017 it's named CNN 10(minutes)This is an incredible great teaching asset for ESL students,which helps to improve listening skills.