Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Writing Skills


This video focuses on the writing skills in an EFL classrooms. Many of the considerations we looked at previously for speaking lessons also apply for a writing lesson. When teaching writing, we especially need to look at handwriting, spelling, and punctuation.

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In unit 11 I learned a lot of detailed information about receptive skills also I discovered which techniques are better to set in your lesson to enforce students to use receptive skills more during the lesson. Also I get familiar with the possible motivation for reading and listening skills and advices about the lesson structure for better engaging receptive skills.This chapter was a great refresher course on all parts of grammar use in the English language. When we don't use all these different parts, its becomes very easy to forget. Restudying the grammar was great practice, getting me ready to start teaching English! I now feel more confident in my ability to help teach others the way grammar is used in the English language.