Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Writing Skills - Study Phase


This video focuses on the writing skills in an EFL classrooms. For the study phase of a lesson, we could show the students a cartoon strip with speech bubbles and rectangular boxes for descriptive text. The idea is to fill in either the speech bubble or the description.

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This unit expalins about the reported speech and the structure of five conditionals, as well as providing some useful teaching ideas that can be used in the classroom. At first, I find it difficult to understand the rules of conditionals and reported speech, but at the end of this unit, and after learning this by heart, I'm glad that I'm able to understand it better.The lesson taught about the various tests and evaluation techniques that is need for admitting and placement of a particular student into a given class level. Evaluation and testing technique enumerated here will help to determine the performance and progress of students in the class. Therefore teacher and school management alike could find this lesson resourcesfull.