Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Writing Skills - Engage Phase


This video focuses on the writing skills in an EFL classrooms. For the engage phase of a lesson, we could show the students a picture from a newspaper or magazine and ask them questions. Make sure to ask questions about what is happening in the picture, as well as what they think happened before and what happened after the picture was taken.

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This unit detailed what productive skills are and how to incorporate these skills into lessons. I found this unit to be very informative. I had never thought about how to teach these skills and was surprised at the diverse, fun ways these skills can be woven into lessons. I especially appreciated that the unit gave suggestions for encouraging students to participate.Good day, I really enjoyed this expository text; I found the material and links very resourceful. During my student teaching, I had the pleasure of using a Interactive White Board. This machine, if you are not familiar with it, can the the most troublesome device there is available. At times, it seems as if it would be faster using white board only. Thanks again!