Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Why do we speak?


This video focuses on the question 'Why do we speak to each other?'. There are probably multiple answers to this question but all boiling down to a need or desire that we have and which we need to communicate.

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This unite helps the teacher to be able to guide his or her students on how to apply past tenses when making sentences expressing or explain something done in the past to better fit in to the present situation when the statement is being made thus in a nutshel this unite aims at giving us situations in which one can make corect sentences when applying past tenses.This unit was really well explained in the videos as well as the study material. I think the challenge will certainly arise when explaining these concepts to students, as some of the tenses can be confusing. It will be important to break down each tense in a very simple way and to have thoughtful activities for the students to learn easily. Overall a very good unit.