Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Speaking Skills - Study Phase


This video focuses on productive and receptive skills in the study phase of a lesson. Here, it is especially important to cover any gaps in knowledge, such as useful vocabulary or grammar points and then check the understanding of the students.

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Created materials are designed by the teacher. Such teachers are more advantage because they do not need to rely on pictures cut out from magazines or newspapers, or stick people drawings. In addition, they can be graded to the level pf the students. Therefore, teachers might need to try to create materials for students since it is more interesting for the students.Excellent additional material to assist in helping to create lessons of interest. I learn't about authentic and non-authentic material and how and for whom to use it for. I enjoyed reading the telephne conversations that two students should use to stiulate their fluency in English. The additional help in deciding what books or material to use was valuable as well.