Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Receptive Skills - Patchwork ESA


This video shows you how to create a patchwork ESA lesson for receptive skills in the EFL classroom. Watch the video for details and examples of each part of the lesson.

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This unit gave me an understanding of the various resources and materials that are on disposal to teachers, the difference between authentic and non-authentic materials and their advantages and disadvantages. We also looked at the methods of designing the non-authentic materials. Finally, we refreshed our application of the ESA methodology during the lesson planning.i have learnt alot of class management techniques for the teachers that she can always use and the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to uses of activities individual,pairs or with groups. and how to build a strong relation between the students and the teacher.also i can see also the way of the tables organization can really effect on the student's focus.