Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Productive Skills Overview


This video focuses on how to improve classroom management by using the students' names. Doing so does not only help to organize the class, but it also indicated who should respond. You should also try to put their name at the end of a question to engage all students.

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Teaching English will not be so different from my other teaching experiences so long as I continue to keep in mind the fact that everything that I have tried to convey to my students inherently has a language all its' own. I must remember that what I think is basic and elementary is new to others and that I must treat my students and the subject matter with respect.This unit provided a lot of useful information regarding a variety of tests and when they are conducted. The break down of the various Cambridge assessments was also interesting. As an English teacher often times we prepare students for these external exams, TOEIC for example, without ever really seeing a TOEIC paper. Examples of these external exams would be great.