Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Games In The Classroom


This video focuses on the use of games in the classroom. Every game in the classroom is an activity with rules, a teaching point and an element of fun. Games in the classroom can be anywhere between competitive and co-operative.

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These are instruction I will certainly go back to often. There's nothing that surprises me in this unit, but it's all useful information I would like to put into practice. I made the mistake once of being \"too lenient\" at the beginning in a class of kids...I promise myself I'll never make this mistake again! I also agree that the TTT should be as short as possible.This unit introduced me to various strategies for classroom management. Moreover, it showed me the various components of classroom management-- that everything from seating arrangement to voice to discipline style determine the effectiveness of the way a teacher is able to manage a classroom. This made me further realize the complexity of keeping a classroom managed.