Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Accuracy vs. Fluency


This video focuses on the idea of accuracy versus fluency of speaking. Accuracy relates to the current usage of grammar, whereas fluency refers to the ability to speak without stopping to think.

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Games are a 'fun' part of learning a language because it makes people interact with each other in a leisurely manner. In a way it removes the teacher from the equation by letting students 'do their thing'. Camaraderie becomes natural. Using pictures, drawings should be an integral part of learning. As kids we all went through that. A picture is a thousand words!In this chapter I learned the appropriate electrical equipment to use in the ESL classroom. I learned what is and is not effective board work. I learned how to go about preparation for using a smart board in the classroom. I learned all about the appropriateness of visual aids as well as using the overhead projector. I learned what CALL stands for and what it means.