Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Simple - Teaching Ideas


This video focuses on the present simple tense. It is the most common tense in the English language and talks about things in general, facts, routines or habits. Watch this video to learn all about teaching ideas for the present simple tense.

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This unit has been very useful to identify and to know about the different ways we can use to teach English in a balanced way and covering vocabulary, grammar and functions. Also I learned about how to approach each lesson depending on the target. It was very important to understand that there are not set rules on this and that a teacher must adapt to each scenario.This unit taught me more about different teaching theories and styles. I have used Problem Based Learning in the past, but some of the other themes, such as Frameworking and case studies, and the Speech Act Theory were new to me. I love using games as a way to enhance learning and motivate learners, and I got some good ideas for some new games to use in this lesson.