Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Perfect Continuous - Overview


This video is part of our examination of the tenses in the English language. This episode focuses on the present perfect continuous. This tense combines the present continuous usages and the present perfect usages into a tense that expresses the fact that we have an action continuing up until the present point in time.

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This unit gave some good material and continued to build on how to create a good lesson plan. I believe now that I have a good understanding of what is needed in a lesson plan, and will definitely be looking back on these units in the future when creating lesson plans. I think ESA is an extremely useful tool and should be the standard of all second language classes.As someone who enjoys learning the origins of words, I found it interesting that it's not appropriate to teach such a thing to students. Of course, after some logical thought it occurred to me that they are learning the language first, then they can learn the origin in their own time. Most native/fluent speakers don't know the origins for most of the words they use.