Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Perfect Continuous - Guessing Game


This video is part of our examination of the tenses in the English language. In this episode, we focus on the present perfect continuous by introducing a fun teaching idea for this tense that involves cards for a guessing game.

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Another part of grammar giving information about model Auxiliary verbs and their basic rules. Passive voice has been told very nicely. Relative clauses and its types also helpful.Phrasel verb i learn a new thing from this unit that i don't know before. Its types also not easy to understand it has to be studied in detailed. More examples needed for understanding it.lots of guidance given in this unit with regards too what i should do i certain situations.I find it interesting to group stronger students with weaker ones its a brilliant idea as the class moves at the same pace. You will have to monitor the stronger ones doing all the work but you could always do a test after to check if the work was understood buy every student.