Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Continuous - Overview


This video focuses on the present simple tense. It is the most common tense in the English language and talks about things in general, facts, routines or habits. Watch this video to learn all about teaching ideas for the present simple tense.

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This unit was informative from an outside stand point on understanding what the basic requirements are for teaching and recognizing good learners. I learned what type of teacher I might be as well and areas I may need to work on! Also it was interesting to get an overview of how directly correlated being an astute teacher is to having motivated, confident learners!This unit was definitely easier for me to understand compared to the last unit. I have experience with group facilitation and classroom dynamics. I agree with classroom arrangement when talking about circles and horseshoes. I would prefer having the students to sit like that to provide a more intimate feeling and allow students to look at each other while speaking.