Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses Overview - Present Perfect


This video is part of our examination of the tenses in the English language. In this episode, we present a detailed overview of all the tenses and give real-life examples on the present perfect tense.

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Although it wasn't mentioned I'm assuming that we do not teach cursive writing. It is becoming a lost art in America and I'm also assuming that there is especially no need for it when learning a second language. But I wonder. Do we teach the students to sign their names in cursive? I look forward to these lessons as reading and writing are two of my favorite things.Understanding each phase of a lesson is important. I've learned that while I should make a lesson plan for every class, I shouldn't create something inflexible, nor should I create a lesson that's too empty. Even though I may get some of these answers wrong, I think that most of this is half common sense and half subjective depending on what kind of teacher you are.