Lesson Planning - Part 8 - Process For Study Activities


This video is part of our Lesson Planning series. In this episode, we cover the process for student activities. One acronym that is often used when speaking about student activities is D-E-GO. Find out what this acronym means and how you can use it in your classroom in this video.

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Normally, thought grammer was just constructing good english sentenses using tenses. never realised it has conditions, forms and its usage which must be followed. Have notice the topic is so complicated and errors often made from pass tense appling in the second condition when refering to the future, I have actually amend my mistakes after going through this topic.This last lesson teaches on how to create job C.V.'s/resume's, questions that would be important to ask when looking into getting a job, cultural issues to be sensitive about when beginning a new English teaching job, more on-line resources for English teaching organizations and job opportunities and then also additional tips to teach younger learners and teenagers.