Lesson Planning - Part 7 - Lesson Plan Example - Activate Phase


This video is part of our Lesson Planning series. This episode focuses on filling out the actual lesson procedure, explaining what activities are happening at what time in a lesson. This part focuses on the activate phase describing in detail what the procedure during the lesson will be, as well as the timing and type of interactions used for this phase.

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Again I have found the tenses very difficult. Thinking ahead, while teaching tenses it will require a lot of thought and planning to teach them correctly. I believe while teaching them I will become more confident in they way they work. As a student I have realized how difficult they are for me and will certainly spend a lot of time with my students to get it right.In this lesson I learned what receptive skills are, expounded on how students may learn to speak and write in English, and gained new ideas on how I as a teacher would facilitate the learning process, whether through engaging the class in discussions, having them study related material, or presenting activities where they may activate the knowledge they have gained.