Lesson Planning - Part 2 - What does a lesson plan contain?


This video is part of our Lesson Planning series. In this episode, we cover the content of a lesson plan and how to properly organize the document itself. Even though there is no official layout for a lesson plan, the layout covered in the video is being used by countless teachers, professors and instructors around the world and has been proven to be very effective.

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I never really put much thought into the way my students wrote english but now i will definitely put more emphasis into it. The most important thing is to get the students to be comfortable and open, that way if any corrections need to be made, we can make them. Spelling isn't as important as accuracy and grammar but nonetheless, it should be learned in conjunction.In unit 15 I learned more about some of the types of tests given to ESL students at different stages of their learning process. Also I learned a little about some of the differences in the tests due to the nationality in which the course is being provided or where the student has a goal to work or study. In addition we were provided a sample placement test in ESL.