The Future Tenses - Future Simple - Teaching Ideas


This video covers some fun and interactive teaching ideas for the future simple tense. This tense can be used for threats, promises, and predictions. A great teaching activity for two students is to have a prompt and a second comment and a blank space for a comment using the future simple tense. Other great ideas for the future simple tense include horoscopes, fortune telling, or wedding vows.

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I learnt from this unit that Vocabulary is very important to any student but also grammar and function. This unit helped me think what is the best way on selecting vocabulary and what students need to know about it and also how to teach them. It is also the same with grammar, we need to teach them the what the language mean, how to use it, forms and the pattern etc.One of the most difficult aspects of the English language regards the tenses as there are 12 different tenses. For each PRESENT,PAST AND FUTURE there are 4 times/tenses: simple, continuous or progressive, perfect and perfect continuous. It is essential for a teacher to know all of the tenses, how they are formed and why they are used in each specific case/situation.