The Future Tenses - Future Perfect Continuous - Structure, Usages and Teaching Ideas


The future perfect continuous tense is used to talk about how long an action had been taking place up until a certain point in the future. This episode covers the structure for positive, negative and interrogative sentences for this tense, as well as usages and teaching ideas.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this unit. Lots of information available, which could also be looked into further from outside of the unit i.e. websites etc for more information. All useful tools and quite varied so that there can be a mixture to promote students interest in the topic/subject/lesson. I particularly enjoyed just reading through the material provided in this unit.This unit dealt with the levels of proficiency for young learners according to the CEF, an example of a level test and needs analysis, things to keep in mind when designing a syllabus with some resources and a very useful example syllabus, assessment tests with a few resources, and the final course evaluation that will need to be applied to further syllabus designs.