English Grammar -- Present Simple -- Teaching Ideas 3 -- TEFL Course


The Present Simple tense teaching idea in this video is called "20 Questions." The teacher frames this game in the context of, What's my job? Who am I? What am I? (for objects) A student comes to the front of the room and selects a card. The class then asks appropriate questions such as; Do you work in an office? Do you wear a uniform? And try to guess the job, person or object. The student with the card answers using the Present Simple. Each student has a turn and there is a two minute time limit for each person. When teaching the Present Simple tense or any other grammar point, a good English language teacher will always model the language correctly. Students need to be exposed to new language, they need to understand its meaning, they need to understand how it is constructed and they need to be given as many opportunities to practice and produce it as possible. An ITTT TEFL Course will give you the appropriate skills to be able to model the language and deliver productive and meaningful lessons to your students. To discover the right TESOL course for you check out the link above.

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I have difficulty remembering off by heart the different engage study activate structures however I will focus on this for future tests and teaching. I also find it interesting learning about the relevant factors of a word and what is and isn't important to teach the students. Factors like suggesting or the origin of a word aren't important in the early stages of learning.Phrasal verbs are a revelation. The explanation made it easy for me to understand and has taught me a method to pass the learning on to the students. It may be confusing to the students but as advised, take it slow and not be intimidated by phrasal verbs. One big attraction to teach this is that it sounds like how English speakers would normally speak in their daily lives.