English Grammar -- Present Simple -- Teaching Ideas 2- TEFL Online


This video outlines the second of three teaching ideas for the Present Simple tense. The students each have a picture with the title "This is Nicola. Nicola is a student. This is her room." In the picture there are lots of items such as a television, a coffee pot, a guitar....In small groups the students list as many facts about Nicola as possible using the Present Simple. For example, She plays the guitar. She drinks coffee. She watches television. After a specified time the groups come together and share their answers with the class. ITTT provides a variety of TEFL online courses and certification options, all of which will give you the tools you need to begin your new career as a qualified English language teacher. Studying online is a convenient way to earn your teaching certification. If you are interested in studying TEFL online visit our website at the link above.

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The first video was a little jarring to watch but interesting, nonetheless. I have had teachers in the past that have taught like that. Which was boring, not understandable and just not effective. The second lesson was so much more effective. The students were engaged and ready to participate. The teacher was so energetic and it was just a way better use of everyones time.This unit has been a great resource for lesson execution, in the sense of offering tools for aiding teachers during a lesson, and defining how tools are best used to optimize student learning. Advice on the use of audio/visual material was especially illuminating for me, because I would otherwise have overlooked their utility and carelessly employed them as teaching tools.