English Grammar -- Present Simple -- Negative Form -- Teacher Pay Overseas


This ITTT video examines the negative structure of the Present Simple tense. The positive and questions forms are covered in other videos. Negative: subject + auxiliary verb 'do' + not + base form of the verb I/You/We/They do not teach. He /She/It does not teach. It is always important to teach the contracted forms i.e. do not - don't, does - doesn't. In the negative form the auxiliary verb (also called the helping verb) doesn't has the s so the main verb doesn't need an s -- for example, He doesn't teach. ITTT's teaching courses equip graduates with the qualification and skills necessary to obtain teaching positions globally. Our graduates are in high demand because of the professional level of training and learning acquired on our courses. As a result of this our graduates are capable of earning a good wage. If you would like to find out more about our courses and what the rates for teacher pay can be overseas check out the link above.

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This unit was thoroughly interesting. Phrasal verbs are difficult for learners and this helps me to be able to know how to teach them. The modals chart will be a great resource for my future lesson plans. The teaching ideas provided help me understand how to tailor a lesson plan pertaining to modal verbs. The explanation of passive voice and active voice was particularly interesting.It was really interesting and useful to learn about authentic and non-authentic materials that can be used on lessons as well as about their positive and negative sides. Personally, I found it extremely helpful to grasp some important recommendations on how to create non-authentic materials. Also, a great help was the section about different resources like various books and the URLs.