English Grammar -- Present Perfect Continuous -- Teaching Ideas 3 -- Pay for English Teachers


In this video we look at a TESOL teaching idea for the Present Perfect Continuous. This tense is the one we use when we want to say what has been happening. The activity in the video is called "Guess what I've been doing?" It is a fun activity that can generate a lot of student talk time. Students each receive a card that has two pieces of information on it, a past activity and a result. Each student has a turn of telling the class the result and the class then has to guess the activity using the Present Perfect Continuous. For example, the past activity on a card is "You have been driving your motorbike in the rain", the result written on the card is "You are all wet. Your clothes are wet". The other students could ask, "Have you been swimming?", "Have you been washing the dog?" The activity could be varied by including some mime. TEFL certificate courses can provide you with all the necessary skills and training to be an effective teacher. To find a suitable teaching position as well as the possible pay for English teachers follow the link above.

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I liked the offered ideas for teaching activities according to the ESA modifications. However, I would like to know more about such activity for Activate phase as \"simulation\". I have learnt which criteria should be considered while teaching vocabulary. Also students should know meaning, use, forms and patterns, and written and spoken forms about grammatical structures.Watching these two videos has shown me how much a teacher's attitude can affect the students and the class in general. In the first video the students seemed very confused with the new grammar point and intimidated by the teacher's behavior. In the second video the teacher's attitide has changed dramatically which made the students feel much more comfortable and confident