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http://www.teflonline.net This video explores the structure and usage of the past simple tense. The different structures of this tense are: Positive: Add --ed or --d to the base form of the verb She worked last night. Negative: Add did not or didn't before the base form of the verb He didn't teach yesterday. Question: Add did plus the subject before the base form of the verb Did she drive yesterday? The past simple tense is used to talk about completed actions in the past. For example: I watched television last night. In order to be a confident and successful English language teacher in the classroom, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the various English language tenses such as the one shown above. The best way to achieve this understanding is to complete a high-quality TEFL course as offered by ITTT. Our TEFL course will provide you with a general understanding of the English tense system, as well as all the skills and knowledge you will need to begin your TEFL career. To get started on a TEFL course, simply follow the link above for further information.

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The unit is devoted to lesson planning. It looks at the goals and main principles of lesson planning. It gives an example of a lesson plan written in accordance with an ESA lesson structure. A good lesson plan should be flexible and clear, it should include timing of each activity, the type of students' interactions etc. It also helps to anticipate possible difficulties.This unit highlights the creation and use of a lesson plan as a framework for structuring a lesson or sequence of lessons. While the plan should remain loose and flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the students, it also needs to provide a good outline of the direction of study to keep the teacher on track and serve as a good record of what has and will be covered.