English Grammar - Past Perfect - Usage - Online Teaching Course


http://www.teflcourse.net The past perfect is used as the past in the past to talk about events that happened in the past before another past event. For example: The concert had started before I arrived. The past perfect is covered in more detail in ITTT's 120-hour Online Teaching course. There are other courses available from 60-hour courses covering teaching skills to a 250-hour Diploma in TESOL. You can also take a specialisation teaching young learners or in teaching business English. Whatever your requirements are, if you are looking to become qualified to teach English from your own home, ITTT will have the right Online Teaching course for you.

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very interesting to anlyse so deeply the sounds differences.it is extremely important to give to our students such an explanation to let them be capable to answer questions as the last three. Especially for students that usually speak an asian language this type of lessons could be very very helpful for them to clarify the difference between a sound as d and a sound as t.After completing this lesson unit i can confidently say I have a much stronger understanding on what the phonetic script is. I am sitting here wondering why i never went through any training on this matter but i have found that the training provided in this unit has been substantial. I feel confident in my ability to teach this message to someone foreign to the language.