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In this video we look at the structure of the past perfect tense. This tense is formed in the following way: Positive: Subject + had + past participle. I had Negative: Subject + had + not + past participle. Question: Had + subject + past participle? You can earn your certificate in teaching English online from ITTT. We have many different courses available suited to your needs. Whether you are starting out as an English teacher or if you are looking to expand your skills with a specialised course in teaching young learners or business English and if you are looking for something more advanced, there is the TESOL Diploma course. To start the process of getting your certificate in teaching English online, visit us at the link above.

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In Unit 5 I have learned what is expected of a good teacher in the classroom.How he or she is expected to control the classroom during the lesson he or she is teaching.how to set up the seating for the classroom so that the students and teacher feel relaxed.I think it is important that the students can talk to the teacher about any problem they might have with the lesson.The role of the teacher will vary depending on the class situation. As a teacher, you will incorporate the working environment of the student into your lessons. Your lessons will once again include an Engage, study and activate stages, these stages will address the needs the students have and provide for the effective implementation of the receptive and productive skills.