English Grammar - Past Perfect Continuous - Teaching Ideas - TESL


In this TESL training video the teaching idea for the past perfect continuous tense involves giving the students a prompt and asking them to finish it with a sensible answer in the past perfect continuous tense. For example: I didn't have dinner last night... because I had been snacking all day. She passed the test... because she had been studying hard. The past perfect continuous is a rarely used tense and is often quit confusing for learners of English as well as new English teachers. Taking a 120-hour online teaching course with ITTT will give the knowledge needed to make sure you know how to explain such tenses to students the moment you step into your first TESL classroom.

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It is very important to understand the roles teachers and students play in the classroom. Students are all different individuals and a teacher needs to be able to keep a wide variety of personalities interested and motivated. A teacher MUST have passion for teaching and have patience to be able to be a helpful inspiring person, teachers shape their students positively or negatively.This unit was challenging! It is definitely information that will help students with pronunciation. I think the diagrams and the explanations make this unit easier to follow, but the information was somewhat overwhelming; likely because a lot of it is new for me. I will keep this unit in mind for future lessons on pronunciation and intonation. I think my students will appreciate it.