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http://www.teflcourse.net The past perfect continuous is formed with two auxiliary verbs 'had' and 'been' along with the present participle. Positive: Subject + had + been + present participle I had been teaching... Negative: Subject + had + not + present participle I had not been teaching... Question: Had + subject + been + present participle? Had you been teaching...? Some of the highest paying TEFL jobs can be found in South Korea. In order to be successful in finding a well paid teaching position there you will need to get yourself a TEFL certificate. ITTT offers a number of different courses from 100% online courses to 100% in-class or even a combination of the two. Check out our website by following the link above for more information on the types of course ITTT offers as well as useful information about TEFL jobs around the world. ///

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Many languages other than English don't have as many or as complex tenses. As teachers we need to understand how to teach tenses to students who have probably never had to think about these things. Present tense is the most used tense for discussion of current events or telling of stories. Both of those uses are great for beginners and have a lot of relevance to students.There are a lot of resources online, both for teachers and learners. Especially for teachers, there care unlimited information online and offline that would actually help him/her broaden his/her knowledge of the English language to help the students. In addition, there are several teaching materials that can be used but needs a lot of consideration for it to be effective.