English Grammar - Past Continuous - Teaching Ideas 3 -- Online TEFL Course


The teaching idea in this video is for the past continuous involves students miming an action; however, unlike the mime activity for the present continuous students will not be doing the mimes for others to see. Instead they will stop the mime before the other students open their eyes. The students will then have to say what their classmates were doing before they stopped. For example: You were driving a car. You were eating a sandwich. Being able to come up with interesting teaching ideas for what students often see as boring grammar points is an important skill for any English teacher. Taking an online TEFL course with ITTT will give you an understanding of the grammar points that you need to teach when starting out as a new teacher of English and will also give you some great ideas on how to teach them. Follow the link above to find the right type of online TEFL course for you.

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Very good explanation for such a hard unit. During my lessons students usually don't use past perfect continuous form and very rarely use past perfect. When I explain them the differences between forms in past tense I only show it on examples, because it's very hard for them to understand it in theory. I'll use this unit materials to make it easier for them to learn about past tense.This unit is very neccesary becarse help me become a best teacher. know their culture and lifestyle give me lot of knowledge and help me know when should I talk, what should I say, how and what Is the best way teach a new language to other people. Particulary I like this unit because I like to study through games and I think that if a person is fun can learn quickly a new language.