English Grammar Overview - Parts of Speech - Verbs


This video is part of our English Grammar series. This episode covers verbs and the first difference that is covered in the video is whether a verb is an action verb or a state verb. The video also focuses on auxiliary verbs. This type of verbs helps us to form various structures, such as questions and negations.

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Teaching English as a second language incorporates a wide range of methodologies designed to replicate the ‘natural language acquisition’ as practically as possible. This encompasses skills and tools from Cuisenaire rods and phonic charts, to drilling the pronunciation of words which engage various study techniques appropriate to the student’s level.In this unit we learned the traits of a good teacher. Such traits include being kind and patient, love of teaching, and being able to motivate students. We also examined the qualities of a good learner such as willingness to listen and a desire to experiment. Finally, the level of language knowledge and the Common European Framework were also discussed in this unit.