English Grammar Overview - Parts of Speech - Nouns


This video is part of our English Grammar series. In this episode, we take a look at nouns. Nouns refer to naming words and name people, places, things or concepts and ideas that fall into two categories: countable and uncountable.

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This unit contains a lot of useful information about methodologies and lesson designs I didn't know existed. There is plenty of scope for incorporating this learning into my future lessons and lesson plans, I look forward to using these skills in my future teaching career in China. The wide range of ideas and games in this unit will certainly help with this process.Having known very little about assessing students before, I found this section of the course to be very helpful! The different ways people learn definitely comes into play when giving assessments but it is extremely important for a teacher to know how to properly assess a student. There'll be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover tomorrow, just you wait and see.