English Grammar Overview - Parts of Speech - Infinitive & Gerund


This video is part of our English Grammar series. In this episode, we take a look at the infinitive and the gerund. The infinitive is typically used after a verb, whereas the gerund is used as a noun within the sentence. To master the two, have a look at our detailed video explanation.

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Even though I have teaching experiences as non-professional teacher and my students have enjoyed my lessons. However, I feel upon completing this unit that if I had known the theories and methodologies that underpin teaching, I would have delivered a much better lesson. With this unit I have imbibe the techniques and a variety of ways to deliver lessons effectively.From this unit I was able to apply my knowledge from the present tenses unit, to past tenses. The system and structure of past tenses are not too different from present tenses, apart from the time period in which they relate to. Through the reading material I learnt the fundamentals for each category of past tense and reiterated my knowledge with examples and tasks.