English Grammar Overview - Parts of Speech - Articles


This video is part of our English Grammar series. In this video, we take a look at articles. These can be divided into indefinite, definite and the 'zero article'. To fully understand this topic, be sure to watch our video and share it with fellow teachers.

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In the last unite we learn about the business English world such as business etiquette,considering different cultural issues that you should be aware of when teaching in different countries.We also look at finding employment,making a CV.This unite also provides examinations one could take and associations you can join to futher your career and many useful websites.I found the unit on Future Tenses to be complex and confusing, owing to how some usages are very similar to one another, and how it can confuse a higher level student as well as a lower level student. Future Tenses are used more in a personal setting,giving the person spoken to an idea of a time period or action, which could be misunderstood if not spoken correctly.