English Grammar Overview - Parts of Speech - Adjectives


This video is part of our English Grammar series. In this episode, we cover adjectives. Adjectives are words that describe nouns and give more information about them. Check out the video to learn more about adjectives and how you can teach them effectively in your EFL classroom.

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In this lesson I learned about the importance of having an order to how a lesson goes, in all my years of schooling it never occurred to me that the teachers were doing things in an ESA order to help me I simply did what I was told. It also occurs to me that the Engage stage seems to be continuously forgotten about and I will have to work hard to remember to use it.This unit is about the material used in classroom. It also explains that which material is authentic and which material is non authentic. It further explains the benefits of lesson plan. In this chapter I learn how to use book resource effectively and what are the advantages and disadvantages of course books, it also tells how to manage a class with different tools.