English Grammar -- 'Going to' future tense -- Online TEFL Course


The 'going to' future tense is used to make predictions based on evidence and to talk about plans and intentions. This online TEFL course video discusses two teaching ideas that can be used with the 'going to' future tense. The first idea encourages students to make predictions based on evidence with a weather forecasting activity. The students are given information about the weather in a particular country and give weather forecasts for the following week or month: On Monday it's going to rain in the morning but then it's going to be sunny for the rest of the day. In the second teaching idea students discuss plans for an upcoming birthday party/holiday: We're going to eat at a fancy restaurant. I'm going to have a massive birthday cake. I'm going to sunbathe the whole time. We're going to visit the old temples. Being able to think of engaging teaching ideas for your TEFL classes is an important part of being an English teacher. ITTT's online TEFL course will equip you with the necessary skills needed to make sure that your EFL lessons are educational and engaging.

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The final section of the course I found to be a little unneeded but was nonetheless very informative. It's been a super beneficial course and I have loved learning so much about something I knew very little about. Definitely looking forward to hopefully having a career teaching English as a foreign language, and am thankful for this course and everything it has taught me.This unit covered Evaluation and Testing. It was a shorter unit (which I appreciate). It was also gave clear and concise information regarding evaluation and testing. Much of the information provided can prove to be invaluable to many prospective or current teachers taking this course. I have never given a written test in my classes, but I see the advantages of doing so.