English Grammar - Future Tenses - TESOL Courses


This video looks at how two present tenses can be used to talk about the future. The two tenses are the present simple and present continuous. The present simple is used to talk about time tables and scheduled events. The bus leaves at 12. The concert starts at 8. The present continuous is used to talk about future arrangements. I am playing football at the weekend. ITTT's online TESOL courses feature other videos explaining the future tense as well as other important grammar points needed by all potential English teachers. To find a TESOL course that is best suited to your needs visit us by following the link above.

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Past Tense is a form to express different situations that happened and may still happens at the time of the speaker is saying something. Usually a learner will make confusion and mix the grammar for different situation however that can be molded by the teacher using lots of good and practical examples such as newspaper, diaries, or simply, the routine life of the learner.Id like to err on the side of caution and say im am not completely comfortable with this chapter. There are a few rules which I will have to revise and repeat to myself to thoroughly understand and appreciate. The English language is a complicated lady with many rules and side notes that seem impossible to remember and always adhere to. Nonetheless my education continues.