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In this TEFL video the trainer covers some of the usages of the future continuous tense. These include: Actions in progress at a future time: I'll be teaching English this time next week. Predicting the present: She'll be getting on the plane about now. Polite enquiries (without influence): Will you be coming to the party? If you want to teach English, a TEFL certificate is your best bet for increasing your employment opportunities. ITTT runs a number of different TEFL courses to help you teach English and these can be taken online in the comfort of your own home or in-class at one of our many TEFL training centres worldwide. Visit our site by following the link above for more information.

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Grammar it's a problem to many,including me.This unit was very challenging but helpful. I've learnt a lot from this unit.For an example I know about noun/verbs/plurals/adjectives,etc , I didn't know about Gerunds. Grammar is important to our daily life,it makes communication easier.Ive learnt that grammar improves the development of fluency. I now know better.Thank youFrom this unit, i have learned what are the factors to take into consideration while constructing a syllabus,like the language level of class members .There are different kinds of tests aiming to measure students language ability at different stages of study and for different purposes.As a teacher, i find it very important to understand and apply this theory in teaching .