Coursebooks and Materials - Types of Materials


This video is part of our series on 'Coursebooks and Materials for EFL Teachers'. In this video, we take a look at materials that we can bring to our classroom. These materials can include things such as a wipe board, visual aids, worksheets, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, video, dictionaries, course book, resource books and more. In this series we'll take a general look at each of these types of materials.

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This Unit definitely help me to be more clearly to know and how to be a good teacher. and how to teach the different levels. To be a teacher we have a lot of roles in frond of students. First,I won't be a teacher like who is talking a lot . Second, I will care more about learners than teaching.Last and important, I will try my best to be not late for every lesson.Unit 20 explains the most common problems that the teaching process experience. It is an important unit as it acts as a guideline for solutions for the problems. It is vital at the beginning of the lesson/first lesson to establish a friendly and respectful attitude and as well as class rapport - this changes and encourages a positive attitude within the classroom.