Classroom Management for Teaching English as a Foreign Language - Teacher Talk Time


This episode of our classroom management series looks at the advantages and disadvantages of teacher talk time (TTT) in a classroom. As teacher talk time significantly reduces the opportunity for student talk time (STT), this video shows you how you can improve classroom management in your classroom by reducing teacher talk time.

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THIS UNITS TALKS OF COURSE BOOK. IT IS TRUE THAT AT ALL TEACHER LIKE USING COURSE BOOK . SOME TEACHERS THINK USING COURSE BOOK MAKE THEM LIMITED SO THEY PREFER TO GET DIFFERENT MATERIAL. AND TO THE TEACHERS WHO USE COURSE BOOKS, SOME OF THEM USE WRONG TEXT BOOKS. I THINK AS A TEACHER IF YOU DECIDE TO USE A COURSE BOOK OR NOT ITS ALWAYS GOOD TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE.During unit 6 I learned that attitude is everything. If you come in the class and bring your bad attitude with you it will not turn out well. The students will pick up on that and not want to answer questions. Whatever issues you have in your personal life should not be brought to the class. Also it is important to know the students english levels and speak clearly.