Classroom Management for Teaching English as a Foreign Language - Giving Instructions


This episode is part of our classroom management series. It covers the issues with giving instructions to our students. In order for our students to effectively carry out an activity, we need to make sure that we give clear and ambiguous instructions. This video shows you how to go about.

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Phonetics is a topic that is typically under-taught, yet it's very important for effectiveness of communication. I think using the diagrams in class would be very helpful in communicating what should be happening inside the mouth. The chart of the locations of the sounds in addition to the type of action makes categorizing the types of sounds fairly straightforward.Classroom management can help teacher control the whole class and let students involve in the class.So it's very important for a teacher to learn good methods to manage the class.I've got many good ways to use,such as eye contact ,gestures,even the right way to call a student's name.We need to not only improve our teaching skills ,but also manage the class properly.