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In Unit 3 I've learned the following: Methodologies- *Grammar- translation - Learning about language through finding equivalents in the students own language *Audio - Lingualism - Learning is as a result of habit formation through conditioning. Not used often nowadays. *Presentation Practice - Teacher presents language and demonstrates meaning and form of the new language. Effective for lower levels. *Tasked based learning - Focuses more on the task. *Communicative Language Teaching - Stresses importance of language functions - agreeing, inviting and suggesting. *Community Language - Students sit in circle and decide what they want to talk about. *The silent way - Teacher says as little as possible. Students discover the language themselves. *Suggestopaedia - Focuses on the need for the students to be comfortable and relaxed. *The Lexical approach - Words and phrases are far better building blocks. *Components in the ESA process: *Elicitation and Techniques - Real Objects, Flashcards, Drawings, Ask for the question, Gap-fill, list, follow-on questions, Concept descriptions, Mime, Definitions. *All ESA lessons should be comprised of the following: Engage, Study and Activate - Types - Straight Arrow ESA Lesson, Boomerang ESA lesson, Patchwork ESA Lesson *Various games or techniques which help engage students - Partner share, Fizz-buzz, I Spy, Memory games, Slow Pictionary, Anagrams, Consequences Ideas for study phase - Hangman Ideas for Activate phase The importance of giving feedback and correction techniques. Ideas on correcting writing. I learned the importance of lesson planning